TalkCenter America Launches OTT Network

Television industry veteran Tom Wolzien’s TalkCenterAmerica will launch its own over-the-top  television network on Jan. 20, with four new shows built from curated video callers in real time.

TalkCenterAmerica is the video programming platform backed by Wolzien’s patented Video Call Center, a technology that enables television shows and networks to conduct live video call-ins much like talk radio programs.

The four new shows are:

Rush 2 Crush (, a millennial focused dating series. New episodes  live-stream on Wednesday at 9 p.m. EST;

OMGossip (, host Jeremy Hassell (VH1, MTV, E! News) leads the discussion with regular people from around the world, all talking gossip. New episodes live-stream Wednesdays at 9:30 p.m. EST;

FanJamTV ( ) Connecting artists & fans across the globe.  New episodes live-stream Wednesdays at 10 p.m. EST;

The Milk ( ), a new talk series aimed specifically at new mothers.

“This is a network for and by millennials, keyed to the subjects and using the digital tools essential to their lives,” Wolzien, founder and chairman of TCA’s parent The Video Call Center, LLC, said in a statement. “TalkCenterAmerica takes the desire of today’s millennial video audiences to be part of the story through instant social media commentary and enables them to engage in immediate live, video interaction with a show host, guests, and other video callers.  Television/ Web video viewers are no longer just passive content consumers.  They become the dynamic source and focus of our programming.  They are no longer just following somebody else’s conversation.”

At launch, TCA Network’s four new programs will live-stream on the TCA website, the websites of each individual series, and be distributed over the network’s YouTube channel, accessible via most OTT devices. 

TCA Network uses IP video technology and proprietary production/automation software created by parent The Video Call Center to connect with viewers who have video chat capable devices. Viewers with webcams, smart phones or tablets can make live video calls to TCA-enabled TV programs, where the production team can screen the callers and the talent can use special assistive automation to directly switch between the calls themselves. 

Prior to launching its OTT network, TCA and The Video Call Center have produced more than 120 hours of interactive video call-in programming for broadcast television and the web, including 27 half and one-hour programs broadcast over the stations of TEGNA Media’s KUSA-TV Denver. These shows include the news special “Balance of Power: You Make the Call” following the Republican Presidential Primaries Debate in Colorado, “Theater Trial” a crime series chronicling the July 2015 trial of the Aurora, Colorado theater shooter, and the Denver Broncos pre-game series “Broncos Tonight: You Make the Call.”  Program highlights of those broadcasts can be viewed on the VCC website.