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Talk or Walk

Tribune Entertainment

Scott Sternberg has produced nearly every type of game or relationship show that has come down the syndication pipe over the past 15 years.

He has been behind the cameras on The Dating Game, Love Connection, Lover or Loser, HollywoodSquares, The Newlywed Game
and even kids versions of Wheel of Fortune
and Jeopardy. So last year, Sternberg sat down, looked over the syndication marketplace and developed a show that would combine the best elements of the top syndicated series into one show. The result? Tribune Entertainment's Talk or Walk, a one-hour daily series that blends elements of talk, court and relationship shows.

"I really tried to look at what's out there to see what could be interesting for the daytime viewer, that would have something that's not single-topic talk, not single-issue talk and would not be hung on a big, celebrity name," explains Sternberg, Talk or Walk
executive producer.

Talk or Walk
features people who have reached the "turning point" in a relationship. Both sides explain their story, and the studio audience, along with host Michael Baisden, weigh in on whether a resolution appears possible. Members of the audience ask the couples questions and then vote from their seats. The two disputing guests can take the audience's advice or not.

"As much as this is a relationship show, it's really as much a talk show, and it does have resolution," says Tribune Entertainment President and CEO Dick Askin.

Show: Talk or Walk

Studio/Distributor: Tribune Entertainment

Clearance: 55%

Barter: Cash plus 3.5/10.5

Debut: Fall 2001