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Tale of the Title II Tape

Organizers of last week’s internet day of action protest said they broke their own record for the number of comments to the FCC in a single day, surpassing the Sept. 10, 2014, Internet Slowdown protest of the controversial SOPA/PIPA anti-piracy legislation.

An FCC spokesman said the regulator could not confirm that fact, noting there could be a lag between when comments were filed and counted because they come in batches, particularly when using the bulk-filing tool.

The protestors’ goals this time around? To spotlight the FCC’s plans to end the classification of internet access as a common-carrier service under Title II of the Communications Act and to reconsider the network neutrality rules imposed by Democrats under former chairman Tom Wheeler, and to get the public to oppose those rollbacks.

Here are some of the key stats from the protest, according to organizer Fight for the Future.
2 million-plus: The number of comments to the FCC.
125,000-plus: The number of participating websites.
124,000: Phone calls made to Congress
5 million: Number of emails to Congress generated, which will be delivered over several days, according to the organization.