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T-Commerce Ramps on Cable, Satellite

EchoStar subscribers will soon be able to buy hunting and fishing products with a click of a remote. Through a deal between Turner Media Group, owner an infomercial channel called Men’s Outdoor and Recreational, and Gander Mountain Lodge, Dish Network subs watching cross-channel spots purchased by Turner Media on select sports networks will be able to hit a button on their remote during the spots and immediately jump to a QVC-style hunting and fishing show hosted by Gander Mountain Lodge.

The project is set to debut in September.

Turner Media said Time Warner Cable, Bright House Networks and other cable operators will also be able to access the Gander Mountain Lodge programming. And by early next year, Dish Network subscribers will be able to buy hunting and fishing gear with the click of a remote, according to Turner Media spokesman Marc Lumpkin.

So called t-commerce, long a goal of cable and satellite distributors, is slowly beginning to gain traction.

Cablevision Systems and Time Warner Cable Hawaii recently began allowing subscribers watching Home Shopping Network to order products with a few clicks of their remote controls.