Syndie shows still on hold

Several first-run syndicated shows were still not in production Wednesday - the day after terrorist attacks in New York and Washington, D.C.

All of Studios USA's strips, including Sally, Jerry Springer, Maury and Crossing Over, which concurrently runs on the Sci Fi Channel, were not at work Wednesday. Maury, Crossing Over and Sally tape in New York. Jerry comes out of Chicago.

It's not clear when production on fresh episodes will continue, with everything getting "taken on a day by day basis" said a studio spokesperson. Business activities are not the main priority the spokesperson explained, because "right now the concern is for everybody's families and with the tragedy."

Also, some were talking about how tough it will be to work out new travel complications for their respective shows. Flying in guests and experts to appear on talk series is routine, but it's tricky to figure out when the airlines will be up and running as usual to accommodate them.

Over at Paramount, insiders are saying that Judge Joe Brown, which did tape a show yesterday, will cancel its production today. Judge Judy, which was not scheduled for production this week, remains off. It's unclear when both Joe Brown and Judy will proceed as usual.

But in many cases, Joe Brown, Judy and Studios USA's efforts included, there should be enough finished new episodes to carry them through this week.

NBC's new show The Other Half, which launched Monday, is shutting down for at least this week. But again, enough new episodes are already done for the show to roll out as planned.Looking at Warner Bros., the word is Rosie O'Donnell, headquartered in New York, will return with new shows Monday. A pre-taped, not before seen episode with Elizabeth Taylor is still scheduled to air Friday. As for their other New York productions, Change of Heart will likewise start fresh next week and is still going ahead with its Sept. 17 new season premiere. Rookie ElimiDate is also rolling out as planned Monday. It's to be determined when People's Court, based in New York, will resume production on new episodes. For Columbia TriStar's New York strips, Ricki will open up her office Thursday, but her new episode schedule hasn't been disrupted. Studio executives are still deciding when Judge Hatchett will open for work - traveling guests for rehabilitation efforts is a key part of the show.Most news magazines, like Paramount's Entertainment Tonight, NBC's Access Hollywood and Warner Bros.' Extra - likely covering the attacks in some way over the next several days - have stayed in production since Tuesday.