Syfy’s Snapchat Show, ‘Geekly,’ Starts Eight-Week Run

Syfy said December 7 marked the debut of Geekly, a Snapchat show that centers on genre news and events from the week.

The show, which will have an eight-week run and is produced by NBCU’s Digital Lab, is the first on Snapchat from Syfy Wire, the genre news site that is coming off a summer 2017 brand reboot. Geekly is hosted by Andre Meadows (Black Nerd Comedy) and Whitney Moore (Geek and Sundry), with a new episode appearing Thursdays at 6 a.m. ET on Snapchat’s Discovery page.

Each episode premieres in 3-5 minute installments, and are featured on Snapchat for 48 hours. Past episodes are available via Snapchat’s search feature.

“Genre fans live at the forefront of digital innovation, so it was important for us to find a platform for Geekly that was a natural fit for where and how our audience consumes content,”  Matthew Chiavelli, SVP of digital for SyFy, said in a statement. “Snapchat is the perfect partner to roll out this snackable and fun new series. “As the source for all the latest geek news across film, TV, books, comics, games and tech, Geekly is an exciting way to expand SyFy Wire’s  expertise and POV to even more fans of the genre.”

Geekly is a project tied to a broader partnership between Snapchat and NBCU announced in August 2016.