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Swirl Networks, AccuWeather Team on Indoor Mobile Location Marketing

Swirl Networks and AccuWeather have teamed on an indoor mobile location marketing initiative that relies on real-time weather data.

They said retail marketers that use Swirl’s platform can now tap into AccuWeather's data sets, which includes weather conditions and forecasts for more than 2 million locations worldwide, to help tailor and trigger in-store mobile experiences based on the shopper’s local weather conditions.

The integration, they said, enables Swirl’s mobile platform to offer targeting based on both weather and indoor location. Swirl’s mobile presence marketing platform uses a range of indoor location signals, including Bluetooth beacons, WiFi, and Visible Light Communications (VLC) to deliver targeted content to a shopper’s smartphone based on their precise in-store location.

The new deal with AccuWeather, they said, will help retailers and brands create in-store mobile messages, content and services they deliver based on a variety of local weather data, including weather forecast conditions, temperature, wind, precipitation, UV index, and pollen count.

By way of example, they said a pharmacy chain could alert in-store shoppers that pollen and allergen counts are forecasted to rise and put up special offers on allergy relief products that are available in the medicine aisle.