Survivor vets to compete on Weakest Link

NBC will feature ex-castaways from the original CBS Survivor series on its new game show The Weakest Link, Reuters reports.

An NBC spokesman was not available for comment, but a CBS spokeswoman confirmed that contestants from the first Survivor will take part in a Weakest Link episode to air during the May sweeps. The spokeswoman said cast members from the first Survivor were contractually prohibited from appearing on other network shows through the end of last year. But now that year is up, that prohibition no longer applies.

Survivor vets Richard Hatch, Susan Hawk, Sean Kenniff, Ramona Gray, Gretchen Cordy and Joel Klug will reportedly appear on the Weakest Link episode that has already been shot. Weakest Link, a British import, premiered on Monday night with the show's notoriously blunt host, Anne Robinson.