Survivor reveals its sting

CBS's publicity staff is really getting behind Survivor's third installment.

While in Kenya earlier this month for the taping of Survivor: Africa, CBS publicist Robert Winsor found out the hard way why producer Mark Burnett and his staff were repeatedly warning visitors to shake out their clothes before putting them on. Winsor got stung on his butt by a scorpion and was quickly rushed to the show's on-location medic. CBS staffers say Winsor received quite a sting, but was never in real danger. In fact, Winsor went back to work the same day.

Other CBS executives say scorpions were commonly found in and around their tents on Kenya's Shaba National Reserve. "Forget the danger of being a Survivor contestant, it's dangerous being a CBS publicist," says Chris Ender, the network's senior vice president of entertainment communications, who also saw his share of scorpions in Kenya. Survivor: Africa is set to debut Oct. 11 on CBS and is currently still being taped in Kenya.
- Joe Schlosser