Survey: IP Phone Quality’s a Concern

The quality of Internet protocol based phone services still causes concerns, even though many big companies are investing heavily in the technology, a survey from a vendor in the field indicates.

Psytechnics conducted a survey at the VoiceCon San Francisco convention last month. It found that 64% of respondents currently use an IP telephone service, and 68% of those that don’t have plans to deploy one within the next year.

The Portsmouth, N.H.-based QoE equipment vendor also said 62% of enterprises using IP telephony have experienced poor quality.

Respondents blame unreliable service providers and the challenge of managing multi-vendor deployments for sub-par quality of experience, it said.

The survey also found 57% of respondents reporting that IP telephony it is their organization's top IP communications investment priority. And 33% of respondents view unified communications as a major initiative for next year.