Survey Highlights How To Keep Frontline Employees

Once a cable operator finds good frontline technicians or customer service representatives, they are then presented with the challenge of holding onto what amounts to a sizable portion of their overall workforce.

Jones/NCTI, the Colorado-based provider of technician and consumer rep training and education services, announced the results of a survey that revealed three keys to frontline employee retention:

-A clearly defined career path;

-Learning to support feeling proficient and productive on the job; and

-Compensation tied to professional certifications.

Jones/NCTI published its findings in a whitepaper, basing them on an online survey and routable research of training leaders.

Among the findings, 83% of frontline employees said a clearly defined career path supported their desire to stay with their current company, creating a sense of loyalty to their employer, and 71% said bonuses and pay increases tied to achievement of professional certifications also compelled them to stay with their employer. Also, 79% said they feel positive or very positive about career prospects in cable.

"Currently, technicians and customer service representatives comprise an estimated 35% of the U.S. broadband industry workforce, and as the industry continues to evolve - from cable provider to broadband powerhouse, the growing pressure on MSOs to deliver more services, faster puts incredibly high expectations on these frontline employees," said Wayne Applehans, Jones/NCTI president and chief product officer, in a statement. "Our study finds that the first twelve months on the job are critical in helping these employees to feel proficient and productive in their jobs, and that additional access to learning and development is critical to these frontline technicians who are focused on investing in their own careers. Our seasoned base of frontline technicians tells us additional confidence in their roles and loyalty to their employer translates to improved performance and, ultimately, better in-home service for customers. These are the very metrics our MSO clients are working to achieve."