SureWest’s Got a Brand-New Brand

Cable overbuilder SureWest Communications has a new handle for its bundle.

The company said Tuesday that it has launched its “InfinitAccess” brand for the company’s lines of bundled products and services. InfinitAccess is the packaging of two or more of SureWest’s services -- digital TV, high-speed Internet, wireless and telephony products.

“Bundling our services under the new name InfinitAccess differentiates SureWest from our competition,” vice president of marketing Pete Drozdoff said in a prepared statement.

“Consumers know that they are making a good choice in bundling multiple products from a single provider with fewer bills and with the added advantage of additional savings when bundling under the InfinitAccess brand,” he added.

SureWest is taking on incumbent operator Comcast Corp. in the Sacramento, Calif., region, having launched an Internet-protocol network there in late June to provide voice, video and data services over both fiber and copper.