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Supertower goes up IN Mobile

Tower developer SpectraSite Broadcast Group has begun installation of a 2,000-foot community broadcast tower in Mobile, Ala. The tower, which will weigh roughly 1.9 million pounds when completed in second quarter 2001, is designed to accommodate more than 20 television stations and FM broadcasters. SpectraSite will own the tower and lease space on it. So far, Pegasus Broadcast, Clear Channel Communications and PBS have agreed to lease space for their digital revision transmissions. Although Cary, N.C.-based SpectraSite has similar projects under way in Tallahassee, Fla.; Green Bay, Wis.; and Albuquerque, N.M., the Mobile project is unique because of the sheer size of the tower, says SpectraSite Broadcast Group President Doug Standley. Its weight, he points out, is double that of most comparable community towers because of the extra requirements of Mobile, which is located in a hurricane zone. SpectraSite has created special rigging for it, including guy wires more than 3 inches thick.