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Sunlight Foundation: Obama Fundraising Tops Romney

According to the Sunlight Foundation's analysis of Federal
Election Commission data, the Obama campaign came just short of collecting $1
billion from supporters, outraising Romney with $998.2 million to $834.5
million, according to the latest figures, with much of that spending going into
TV ads.

Romney outraised Obama $30.9 million to $8.6 million in the
final 20 days of the campaign, and he also got help from outside groups, which
spend $145 million in only the last two weeks opposing Obama, compared to $112
million of outside spending supporting Obama over the entire campaign season,
according to Bill Allison of Sunlight's Reporting Group.  He points out
that Obama may still top the $1 billion mark when all the filings to the FEC
are tallied.

Only since Friday, Nov. 2, outside groups spent $37.5
million to support Romney, while outside groups supporting Obama totaled only
$2.9 million. Of course, that may be because the Obama was ahead in many polls
in swing states.