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Suddenlink Ups Field, Corporate Execs

Suddenlink Communications, the nation's eighth-largest cable operator, announced promotions in its regional and corporate offices.

The senior-ranking position was that of John Fuhler, promoted to senior vice president of fiscal operations. Fuhler is a 17-year industry veteran who joined the company last year after serving as VP of fiscal operations at AAT Communications. He will be based in St. Louis.

In addition, corporate promotions to VP include: Erick Guzman, VP of information technology; Scott Terrill, VP of marketing; Jill Costick, VP of marketing; and Sabrina Warr, VP of accounting and system controller in Tyler, Texas.

Also effective immediately: Tim Winebarger, director of engineering in Tyler; Justin Freesmeier, director of fiscal operations, St. Louis; Corey Elder, director of IT, St. Louis; Jason Rosenthal, director of IT/billing, St. Louis; Sherri Winters, director of IT/billing, Tyler; Karen Hutson, director of accounting programming, St. Louis; and Jennifer Koziatek, director of accounting and assistant controller, St. Louis.

Field promotions to VP include: Robert Legg, VP of technical operations, Atlantic region; Scott Depot, W Va.; Stan Howell, marketing, Atlantic region; Art Riley, VP of fiscal operations, Atlantic region; Kevin Lipe, VP of engineering, central region, Dallas; Beverly Gambell, VP of marketing, central region, Dallas; Jeffery Gould, VP of engineering, mid-South region, Conway, Ark.; Catherine O'Bryant-Freeman, VP of marketing, mid-South region, Tyler; Kerry White, VP of fiscal operations, mid-South region, Tyler; Scott Moody, VP of engineering, North Carolina region, Greenville, N.C.; Rhonda Cox, VP of marketing, North Carolina region, Greenvilleƒn; Bill Paramore, VP of customer operations, North Carolina region, Greenville; Stephen Bryant, VP of fiscal operations, North Carolina region, Greenville; Raymond Mills, VP of engineering, Texoma region, Tyler; Mark Edwards, VP of marketing, Texoma region, Tyler; Jared Sonne, VP of fiscal operations, Texoma region, Tyler; John McNelly, VP of marketing, west Texas region, Lubbock, Texas; and Kathleen Gose, VP of finance, commercial and advertising operations, Bryan-College Station, Texas.

Also effective immediately: Jeff Blaszak, director of operations and ad sales, central division, Bryan-College Station; Dave Howell, director of operations and ad sales, East division, Parkersburg, W. Va.; Mark Geiger, director of engineering and field operations, Pacific region, Eureka, Calif.; Dawn McWithey, director of customer care, Pacific region, Truckee, Calif.; Cheryl Robbins, director of human resources, North Carolina region, Greenville; Vera Perez, director of HR, west Texas region, Lubbock; and Aimee Doane, director of voice operations, west Texas region, Lubbock.