Suddenlink Flips On TiVo/Netflix Mix

It turns out that Grande Communications isn’t the only TiVo partner that has turned on access to Netflix in leased boxes this week.

Suddenlink Communications said, starting this week, it has also begun to provide direct access to Netflix in all markets where it leases TiVo boxes. This Web page mentions the addition, noting that Netflix is now available via TiVo Central on those devices, and that the platform’s search results now account for Netflix’s library alongside other online content, live TV, movies and TV shows recorded to the DVR, as well as Suddenlink’s VOD offering.

Update: Suddenlink confirmed that it, like other TiVo partners that have integrated Netflix (such as Grande Communications and RCN) has assigned Netflix a virtual "channel" on the linear IPG lineup that tunes the user to the Netflix experience when selected. Suddenlink customers "will enjoy the standard TiVo approach to integrating Netflix with their (TiVo’s) interface," a spokesman said via email. This story incorrectly stated earlier that Suddenlink had not assigned a so-called "jump channel" to Netflix on the guide.

Suddenlink, now the largest U.S. cable operator to offer access to Netflix on leased boxes, announced in May its intentions to integrate the OTT video service sometime this summer.

Suddenlink has about 1.2 million basic video subs, with 888,000 taking a digital video service. Suddenlink launched TiVo-powered services in December 2010.