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Suddenlink Expands Phone Footprint

Nearing completion of a phone-service expansion, Suddenlink Communications can now provide voice to more than 75% of its footprint [or more than 1.8 million homes passed], up from about 15% [or fewer than 400,000 homes passed] in January, officials said Monday.

The company has also topped the 50,000 phone-subscriber mark, up from nearly 30,000 at the end of last year, and just last month recorded handling 1 million calls in a single day.

Prior to this year’s rollout, Suddenlink offered phone service primarily in its West Texas region. The company now provides phone service across its operating regions, including other parts of Texas, as well as communities in Oklahoma, Arkansas, Louisiana, West Virginia, North Carolina, and California. More than 90% of Suddenlink’s customers reside in those eight states.

Suddenlink’s Phone service uses IP technology to transport calls over the company’s own, private, managed IP-based network, never traversing the public Internet. As a standard part of its service, Suddenlink offers unlimited local and domestic long-distance calls, plus a set of popular calling features.

Customers can order Suddenlink Phone service for a standard price of $39.95 a month when bundled with other services. Suddenlink Phone also provides automatic access to the Federal Communications Commission-mandated Enhanced 911 system and is compatible with most modern alarm monitoring equipment.