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Sucherman Group Bets on Tech

In an effort to stay ahead of the changing tides of the media business, 30-year-old management consulting and exec recruiting firm the Sucherman Group has launched a rebranding of the company as it opens a new office in the technology and new media hotbed of San Francisco.

In addition to the rebrand (the company isn’t changing its name, but did unveil a new logo), the expansion into San Francisco will complement its base in New York and its office in Los Angeles and represent a shift in the media landscape, which continues to encompass platforms that are altering, if not outright disrupting, the market.

Helping clients develop creative strategies will remain in Sucherman Group’s “roots and our DNA,” but there’s now an increased focus on driving business strategies as well, company CEO Erik Sorenson said.

“We’re really down to the multiplatform business strategy world,” he said, noting that the firm is now looking to “straddle technology with creativity and media business strategy.”

And that’s down to the new logo, designed to represent the “multi-screen, multi-platform world of media consumption,” according to the company.

That revised focus on multiplatform and tech-driven media is also found in Sucherman Group’s client base, which, in recent months, has included Hulu, Fullscreen, Fusion and Machinima, alongside work with Univision Digital, NBCU Digital, WWE and startups such as Rampante and Carpe Society.

Sucherman Group has not yet determined how many of its people will be based at the new office in  San Francisco, but Sorenson expects to be a regular visitor.

“I've been spending a lot of time there [in San Francisco] working out of Starbucks and hotel lobbies and restaurants and other people's offices, so we thought it was high time that we put a flag there.” 

“The Sucherman brand stands for creativity, discretion, integrity and innovation,” Stuart Sucherman, founder and chairman of Sucherman Group, said in a prepared statement. “Our new logo and presence in the Bay Area reflect our awareness that these are the best of times for consumers, and present amazing opportunities for our  traditional and emerging clients.  The changes in the media and entertainment industries are dizzying and our services will be critical as emerging and established companies meet an array of challenges."”