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Sub Losses Plague Dish in Q3

Subscriber losses continued to plague Dish Network in the third quarter,
as the second largest satellite TV service provider in the country lost
about 29,000 customers in the period, a sign that some analysts said
pointed to its focus on price conscious customers.

It was the second consecutive quarter of subscriber losses for Dish - the satellite giant lost about 19,000 customers in the second quarter.
And depending on the analyst, it was either a sign of the folly of
targeting lower-end customers or a temporary rough spot as Dish weeds
out lower-tier customers for those buying HDTV and other advanced

In a research report Friday, Sanford Bernstein cable and
satellite analyst Craig Moffett singled out the subscriber "shrinkage"
as a sign that Dish is once again headed for rough waters.

travails of the low end consumer poured cold water on Dish's nascent
recovery from the rough patch it had hit in 2009 and, as any Seinfeld
fan will recall, with cold water comes shrinkage," Moffett wrote.

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