Style Plans to ‘Clean House’

Style Network series Clean House has performed so well for the network that the channel is launching an ad-sales program tagged to a July 2 special episode.

The “Clean House Messiest House” incentive program will give participating affiliates a chance to earn points for supporting the effort. They can be redeemed for merchandise of the system executives’ choosing.

Already, more than 150 systems have signed up to participate, including major markets such as Atlanta; Baltimore; Dallas; Columbus, Ohio; and Portland, Ore., said Stephen Earley, senior vice president of internal marketing at the Comcast-owned network. Those systems pass more than 25 million households.

Earley said he’d like to the promotion to reach 30 million homes, half of Style’s distribution universe.

The incentive methodology is similar to the terms offered to operators who participate in other Comcast Networks promotions, such as the annual ones for E!’s awards show red-carpet coverage, he said. In the past, Style has done a promotion tied to its wedding-themed shows, such as Whose Wedding Is It Anyway?, but that promotion has proven to be more evergreen. This year, the Clean House effort will take the time slot normally occupied by the weddings promo.

Operators will earn point by running cross-channel spots between June 16 and July 2.

Style has set up a business-to-business Web site, where cable executives can go to redeem their points. It is set up as a virtual prize house: Visitors go to the “office” for related electronics prizes, or to other rooms for different items. Computers and other electronic gadgets are among the offerings, Earley said.

Local executives decide whether they want the give the prizes away in a local sweepstakes or present them as advertiser premiums.

There was another incentive for the first 150 systems to sign on to the promotion. Each will participate in a random drawing for a dream room makeover featuring the work of Clean House designer Mark Brunetz.