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Study: Smartphones, Other Companion Media Bigger Ad Distraction Than DVRs

According to research conducted by IPG Media Lab and YuMe, DVRs are not the ad killer they are made out to be, reports AdAge.

study found that smartphones and other types of "companion" media
(laptops, iPads, video games) provide a much bigger distraction in TV
viewing than DVR playback. A whopping 94% of TV viewers use some type of
companion media; that number was 73% for online video watchers.
Smartphones made up 60% of the TV distractions.

in the study watched the content, but turned to their other media
devices during the commercials, and some even used companion media even
when the content was playing. 48 adults took part in the study, which
was conducted this spring in Los Angeles.

biometric tool Affectiva calculated the participants'
"face-towards-screen" frame by frame, as well as measured the viewers'
intellectual and emotional engagement. Viewers were also asked to recall
ads that they had seen, with online ads being easier to remember.

the participants used the DVR to fast forward through commercials,
almost half were completely focused on the screen while doing so, and
had 12% more attention levels. Non fast-forwarded ads, however, did have a
higher recall rate.