Study: Netflix Brand Trumps OTT Rivals

Netflix already leads all over-the-top players in terms of subscribers, and a new study also indicates it is well out in front of Hulu and Amazon with respect to brand perception.

That’s according to a study of 2,500 consumers from iModerate (backed by social data from Luminoso), conducted from May to June, that also took a deep dive into the reasons why consumers have given Netflix the branding edge.

Netflix is perceived as a service that can wholly replace other entertainment options, while Hulu lost points for its hybrid subscription-advertising model. The benefit of Amazon Prime Instant Video, meanwhile, is getting entangled with Amazon Prime shipping, the study found.

iModerate said 20% of those surveyed believe Netflix can replace other video entertainment options altogether, citing its strong content variety, including popular originals such as Orange Is the New Black. Users also talk about “watching Netflix,” rather than watching individual shows, “indicating a strong platform brand identity.”

Hulu has solid brand awareness and has become synonymous with TV, but many were turned off by its ad-supported model. While advertising is remains part of the Hulu equation, the OTT player continues to add originals and new options, such as the ability to add Showtime to its bundle.

Amazon Prime Instant Video is gaining ground, but “lacks defining characteristics or value,” the study found, noting that many consumers aren’t differentiating between Amazon’s streaming and its two-day shipping service.