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Study: ESPN, HBO Top HD List

ESPN HD and HBO HD are the most-carried cable channels in high-definition, according to a study released Tuesday by (

According to the report, 100% of cable operators in the top 25 U.S. markets offer those two networks in HD, followed by NBC at 98% and ABC, Discovery HD Theater and Showtime HD each on 92%.

As far as MSOs, the study found that Cablevision Systems Corp. offers the highest average HD channels per market, at 17, followed by Time Warner Cable (14.7) and Comcast Corp. (13.6). Meanwhile, Charter Communications Inc. offers the fewest, averaging nine.

“HDTV is a truly revolutionary technology, but our data show that there are still large regional discrepancies over how much programming is available in high-definition,” president Mark Kersey said in a prepared statement.

“As consumer awareness and adoption of HDTV increase, cable companies around the country will continue to add new high-def channels to satisfy their customers’ demands and to keep up with satellite competitors,” he added.