Study: Consumers Spend 50+ Hours Per Week Using a ‘Screen’

Consumers spend more than 50 hours a week using a “screen” --  whether that’s a TV, a PC, tablet or smartphone, The Diffusion Group found in a new study that also factors in data from Nielsen.

The firm also found that per-capita use of smartphones has grown to 8.6 hours per week, more than the total amount of time consumers spend watching broadband video (8.2 hours).

The average screen time spent on social networks now totals about four hours per week, of which 63% is used on services like Instagram (2.5 hours per week), TDG said, noting that these trends are a key reason why a growing number of programmers and media companies are using social-mobile (SoMo) platforms to deliver video.

"Screen time is shifting towards mobile. Mobile usage is shifting towards social networking apps. And social networking apps are shifting towards video. All the trends are lining up in favor of massive growth in SoMo Video over the next decade,” Joel Espelien, senior analyst with TDG and author of the report – The Future of Smartphone Video 2016-2025, said in statement.

TDG sees SoMo video exploding from 684 million daily viewing minutes in 2016 to 7.4 billion by 2025.