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Study: 43% of Pay TV Subs Have Used 'TV Everywhere' Services

Nearly half of Americans with subscription TV service have
used "TV Everywhere" -- but awareness of the concept continues to lag, with
only 22% of them saying they've ever heard of the term, according to a recent
survey by GfK's media research division.

Overall, 43% of consumers in pay TV homes used either their
provider (30%), a TV network (37%) or both to access TV Everywhere-style
websites or apps, GfK found.

But just one-fifth knew what "TV Everywhere" meant, and only
34% were aware of the term "authentication," according to the survey.

Moreover, seven out of 10 said the process of authentication
would deter them from using a TV Everywhere service: 45% said they would be
deterred "a little" and 25% said they would be deterred "a lot."

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