Studios USA to deliver Good News

Studios USA is teaming up with Overbrook Entertainment to produce and syndicate
a new half-hour daily newsmagazine called Good News.

The show is targeted for the 2003-04 season, and it would tell inspiring stories
about the struggles and triumphs of individuals, well-known and

Overbrook is owned by actor Will Smith and business partner James Lassiter.
Both will serve as executive producers on the project, along with Overbrook
senior vice president David Tochterman.

Veteran syndication program producer Ann Lewis (Entertainment Tonight,
Access Hollywood) will also serve as executive producer on the project.

Smith and Lassiter are credited with the concept. They went to Lewis because
of her strong magazine and celebrity background.

"There's nothing like Good News in syndication," said Studios USA president Steve Rosenberg, who announced the project with Smith and