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Strong Medicine Lifetime

Viewers 18-34 Men: 52,280

Viewers 18-34 Women: 258,290

Viewers 18-34 All: 310,570

In July, Lifetime launched its newest drama series, Strong Medicine. The show's storyline revolves around two doctors who run a women's free clinic in Philadelphia. It stars Janine Turner (Northern Exposure) and Rosa Blasi (Noriega: God's Favorite). The two characters have very different personalities and styles of practicing medicine.

After only a few months, the show ranks seventh with women 18 to 34, and the series is getting an average rating of 1.9, according to Lifetime. Produced by Columbia TriStar Television Distribution, Whoopi Goldberg and Tammy Ader are the show's executive producers. It airs on Sundays from 9 to 10 p.m. (ET).