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Sticking to the Script

The Malones are switching from Cablevision to Verizon FiOS—not because Cablevision’s customer service is bad or because Verizon’s marketing assault has worked.

We’re switching because BBC America just picked up the Six Nations Rugby Championship, pitting the national teams of England, Ireland and France (and three others) against each other. And FiOS offers BBC America. Cablevision does not.

For years, rugby fans had to go to one of a handful of pubs in the bigger, more cosmopolitan markets, and shell out $20 to the Setanta bouncer to get in. (We used to go to McCormack’s in Manhattan—Irish breakfast, Guinness and a 9 a.m. kickoff. Good times.)

When I explained my decision to the Cablevision customer service rep, she made the requisite efforts to keep me on board before graciously conceding defeat. But as we wrapped up the call, the woman stuck to her script and said, “Thank you for choosing Cablevision.”