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Stephen Brown

Expect 2012 to be a busy year for
Twentieth Television’s Stephen Brown.

First, he is the executive in charge of
developing the new and high-profile
Ricki Lake Show, with Lake and Good
L.A.’s Lisa Kridos executive producing.
Launching one talk show is
usually enough for any sane human, but Brown is also developing
Dish Nation—which ran as a test last summer on several Fox-owned
stations—for a national launch this fall.

While Ricki Lake will attract more attention, Dish Nation is likely to
take up more of Brown’s time. The show features radio deejays from
several major markets riffing on the events of the day; when it tested
last summer, Brown worked practically around the clock to produce it.

Dish did not draw huge ratings but it had a spark, and execs at the
Fox station group ordered up.

Two shows will be tough. But by all accounts—including Lake’s—
Brown is equal to the task.