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Stations Reprimanded For Kids Rules Violations

The FCC admonished, but did not fine, three more stations for violating its reporting requirements for children's television and exceeding its limits on advertising in kids shows.

KONG-TV Everett, Wash., was admonished--an official reprimand--for not publishing the existence of its public files on children's programming. Paxson's WDPX(TV) Vineyward Haven, Mass., was reprimanded for not sending the target age range for its children's programming to electronic guide publishers. KBCK(TV) Bellingham, Wash., was admonished for three instances in which it exceeded the FCC kids ad limits by a total of 90 seconds, and for failing to file records concerning compliance with those limits.

The FCC limits ads in children's shows to 12 minutes on weekdays and 10.5 minutes on weekends.

In all cases the stations volunteered the infractions and the FCC concluded none showed a pattern of abuse warranting any stronger action.

The commission has been cracking down on kids TV violations.