Stargate SG-1 Site Relaunches

Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Studios relaunched the official Web site of Stargate SG-1 (, adding social-networking and user-generated content aspects to back a series now in its 10th and final season on Sci Fi Channel and airing in syndication around the globe.

The site, developed by DAVE.TV for MGM, includes a GatePlayer that lets users adopt a background or skin that mirrors the actual time gate in the series. Users also can stream content to blogs, social sites or personal Web sites.

Users can download podcasts, watch behind-the-scenes footage and interviews, upload personalized videos and develop personalized profiles with images and media from the show. Board games, shirts and other merchandise are also sold on the site, as are DVDs of past seasons.

MGM is exploring ways to continue the series, possibly by movies or miniseries on Sci Fi or, as fans are now urging, as newly released downloadable episodes.

VH1 executive vice president of original programming and production Michael Hirschorn said last week that he had been experimenting with the new Stargate site because of the portal and electronic-commerce features.

“To me, that is the more interesting story: Can a community site become ultimately self-sustaining and actually a profit center?” he said. If the show can somehow continue after its cancellation, the site, if successful, might be a reason why, he added.

Kent Gibbons

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