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Stanzione: Arris Set for the Global Stage

With its $2.35 billion acquisition of Motorola Home coming
to a close Wednesday morning
, Arris Group believes it's not just better
positioned to compete with Cisco Systems in the U.S. cable market, but is now
armed to take on any supplier on the globe. 

"I think it clearly gives us the scale to compete with
anyone in the world," Arris chairman and CEO Bob Stanzione said in an interview
Wednesday.  "I think it creates a company that's the premier provider of
video and broadband technology in the world.  We can provide value
throughout the video delivery chain, from beginning to end, from content
management and creation all the way to the screen in the home."

Acquiring Motorola Home makes Arris the top U.S. supplier of
set-tops, diversifies its customer base and expands its product portfolio. But
there are also some significant overlaps in product areas such as cable modems,
cable modem termination systems (CMTSs) and edge QAMs.   Arris,
Stanzione said, does not intend to sell off any redundant product lines.

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