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Staff Changes at MPAA

The Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) has promoted several executives in government affairs department, naming Greg Frazier to the top spot as executive VP for worldwide government policy.

Frazier had been senior VP of trade policy and international affairs for the MPAA most recently working with the World Trade Organization to file a formal complaint against China for lax intellectual property enforcement. Frazier served as Chief of Staff to MPAA Chairman Dan Glickman when the latter was Secretary of Agriculture. He reports directly to Glickman.

Michael O'Leary, VP and senior counsel for public policy, has been named senior VP and chief counsel for federal affairs and policy, He will head up supervising lobbying on the Hill and before federal agencies.

Vans Stevenson remains senior VP of state and government affairs. Anissa Whitten, trade director, has been upped to VP of international affairs.

Todd Flournoy, who had been handling state government, moves over toVP ans senior counsel for federal affairs and policy, reporting to O'Leary.

In addition, MPAA has hired Daphna Peled, an aide to Senator Byron Dorgan (D-N.D.), as VP and senior counsel for federal affairs and policy.