Sprout Launches Hoobs with Marathon

PBS Kids Sprout is launching The Jim Henson Co. preschool series The Hoobs Dec. 25 with a Happy Hooby Holidays marathon from noon-6 p.m. (EST), marking the series' U.S. television debut.

The Hoobs' Tula and Groove will appear on-air as the special guest hosts for the marathon. Created by Henson and licensed by HIT Entertainment, The Hoobs was Britain's largest-ever commission of a preschool show from an independent producer when it launched in the United Kingdom in 2000.

Set in sunny, colorful Hoobland, The Hoobs are explorers who learn about planet Earth by posing different questions to all of the children that they encounter along the way. In each episode, they try to find the answer to a question, which they put into the great Hoobopaedia created by Hubba Hubba Hoob back in Hoobland. The four main Hoobs -- Tula, Groove, Iver and Roma -- live in the Hoobmobile and travel to all parts of the world in their quest for discovery and learning.

Following the launch, The Hoobs will air every day at 2 p.m. on the channel, which is partly owned by HIT and Comcast.