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Springer reups with Studios USA

Jerry Springer probably won't be complaining about the way Barry Diller is running his controversial show anymore.

Springer, the host of Studios USA's The Jerry Springer Show, received a new contract from Diller that will pay him more than $30 million over the next five years, sources say.

The controversial talk show host reworked his contract with the studio, adding on another season to his current pact and adding a bundle of money at the same time. Since Studios USA eliminated much of the fighting from Springer's Chicago-based show last season, it has dropped out of the top spot in the syndication ratings, and there was talk that Springer wanted to take it to another distributor.

The talk show host was publicly peeved with Studios USA's handling of the show after it became the most talked-about series on television a year ago. Now Springer, who is in his ninth season with the show, will continue through the 2005 TV season at over $6 million a season.

Springer is also set to host an interactive game show for Studios USA that will likely debut next season. Sources say Studios USA is shopping the game show to cable and broadcast outlets and also mulling the possibilities of bringing the untitled game into syndication. The former Cincinnati mayor is also the host of a British chat show that sources say may turn into a weekly series in the U.K. next season.