Sportsman Upgrades Position With Comcast Chicago

Sportsman Channel is receiving a little holiday joy from Comcast in the form of a service upgrade in the Chicago area in mid month.
The hunting, shooting and fishing network, which has beeen positioned on the operator's sports tier, will move to Comcast's Digital Preferred service throughout the Chicago area, beginning on Dec. 15. Deal terms were not disclosed.

The service will be located on channel 416 in Chicago and South Bend, Ind. and channel 554 in Rockford and central Illinois, according to network officials.

"We are pleased to be part of Comcast Chicago's digital preferred service, making Sportsman available to even more of the area's many outdoor-enthusiasts and sportsmen," said Willy Burkhardt, president of Sportsman, in a statement. "Sportsman Channel has tremendous production and promotional resources behind it and we are actively and aggressively leveraging these resources to make our channel the video destination for sportsmen across the country. It's our goal to strive for excellence and provide our distributors and viewers with high-quality and entertaining content across our three programming pillars of hunt, shoot and fish."

Noted David Williams, vice president of marketing at Comcast: "We're thrilled to expand the availability of the Sportsman Channel beginning in mid-December. Now all of our Digital Preferred customers will be able to enjoy its hunting, shooting and fishing programming."