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SportsCenter Ships Out To Kuwait

With sports having co-opted so much military imagery, maybe the melding of the two was inevitable.

ESPN's SportsCenter is heading to Kuwait to produce a series on troops and sports. "The goal of SportsCenter: Salute The Troops is to demonstrate how important sports are to the lives of our soldiers overseas, and how important they are to our lives and our freedom to enjoy sports at home,” said Norby Williamson, senior VP and managing editor.

The multipart series, originating from the Camp Arifjan Army Base outside Kuwait, will beging airing as a segment during the10 a.m. airing of SportsCenter on Sept. 11, with segments in all editions of the show through Sept. 17. In addition, the 1 and 2 a.m. editions of SportsCenter will originate live from Kuwait, rebroadcast on Tuesday and Saturday mornings.

One story will look at athletic children of military personnel trying to attract the eye of recruiters back in the states.

"This is about as close as I’ll come to a Bob Hope moment," said SportsCenter commentator Steve Levy in a release, "and I can’t wait to shake the hands of those brave soldiers. I’m honored to have the opportunity to go to Kuwait."