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Spike TV Details New Pilots

Spike TV is looking at greed, death and war to help attract its young male audience.

The MTV Networks-owned cable channel is working on a slate of nonscripted (or, in one case, semi-nonscripted) fare, with pilots ranging from non-death-defiers to treasure hunters to surviving nuclear winter.

Spike’s new pilots include: 1,000 Ways to Die, from Thom Beers (Ice Road Truckers, Deadliest Catch), about, well "the real ways in which people die"; Caught in the Action, a hoax show where unsuspecting people are put into the middle of a car chase, bar fight or hostage situation; The Deadliest Warrior (about historical warriors pitted against each other in a CGI battle); Declassified from Tom DeSanto Productions (X-Men, Transformers), a documentary/scripted hybrid that features special-ops missions from Navy Seals, Green Berets and Delta Force; Dive for Treasure, a treasure-hunting show from Ricochet (Supernanny); and Surviving Terror, about how to stay alive after a nuclear attack or biological-weapons attack, or eating tips for nuclear winter.