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Spike Revamps, Broadens Advertising Horizons

Spike, part of MTV Networks, has decided to shed its overtly masculine trademark and revamp its programming and advertising strategy to reach men ages 18-49, instead of their former target of men ages 18-34, according to The New York Times.

The channel will also focus on the previously untapped demo, women 18-49, and lose the slogan "Get some action," which may have discouraged women from tuning in. The new programming and advertisements will focus on men, not guys, and stop catering to the "frat-boy" mentality.

Niels Schurmann, Spike's executive vice president for brand marketing and creative, wants Spike "to be a bigger brand" that "still [talks] to that male audience, but not necessarily the young guy." Auction Hunters, Coal and The Ultimate Fighter, which will air on the channel, will feature promotional spots that highlight the working man.

Upcoming reality series that also cater to the working man include Bar Rescue, a show that helps failing bars recover; Car Boss, another show that helps failing auto dealerships; and Repo Games, a show that gives those who are about to have their cars repossessed a chance to save them.

Schurmann explained that Spike will spend $6 million to promote those series, which will debut in the next two weeks. -- Lindsay Rubino