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Speed Teams Up with

Classified-ad portal ( will host the exclusive Webcast of new Speed Channel series Pinks, the two companies said Monday.

The Raceway Media LLC-owned Web site will debut the shortened “Webisode” version of Pinks’ debut episode Tuesday.

Pinks pits drag racers against each other with the stakes being the titles to their cars, or the “pink slips.”

“The Pinks concept is daring, edgy and of-the-moment, so the marketing and recruiting plan for the show has been carefully designed to reflect that," Speed vice president of programming Robert Ecker said in a prepared statement.

“With this in mind, the notion of previewing the show on the Web seemed pretty organic,” he added. “Our goal here is to reach out to prospective participants by letting them see exactly how intense the drama can be, and the reason it is so intense is because the stakes are so high. Certainly not everyone will want to risk losing their prized vehicle. We believe that those who might can be found on dedicated Web sites like”