Speed About To Embark On 'Dangerous Drives'

Speed has ordered 13 episodes of Dangerous Drives, which will have viewers ride shotgun whose risky routes are part of their everyday lives.

Commissioned from Pangolin Pictures (Jacked), the series, shot in 720p high-definition, will look at drivers who transport hardened criminals to those moving heavy loads and commuters traveling high-risk highways.

The series will debut with a four-installment marathon on Thanksgiving day. One of the early episodes will feature the team from U.S. Extradition Service, Inc, a company whose teams are responsible for the safe transport of prison inmates.

Speed also will offer Dangerous Drives to cable operators for use on their video-on-demand platforms, while long-form content will be distributed on iTunes, Hulu and Sprint, with "best of" clips available on iTunes, Sprint, AT&T and MobiTV, according to network officials.

"Whether you are a daily commuter or a weekend racer, you will feel the extreme strain on these drivers and drives," said Speed senior vie president of programming Steve Craddock. "Viewers will experience both the necessary and foolish risks these drivers take every day. I know professional race car drivers who would fold under this kind of stress."