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Specialized Companies Try to Simplify Online-Ad World

the amount of newcomer tech firms trying to pitch new business to
marketers continually growing, it has caused a number of specialized
firms to prop up to help advertisers make sense of it all, reports The Wall Street Journal.

Real Media, WPP Group PLC's online-ad firm, is promoting its product,
which they claim helps marketers determine the best ad-technology
start-ups to work with. Another company, IgnitionOne, a digital-ad shop,
is rolling out a service that enables marketers to buy, track and even
improve the performance of their advertisements. Other companies that
previously dealt with only one aspect of the business are now broadening
their services to reach a wider client base.

execs say that simplifying the process keeps the ad spending growing;
marketers spent over $25 billion on Internet ads last year, up 15% from
the previous year. eMarketer predicts that number to reach $28 billion
this year, an expected growth of 11%.

new offerings come at a time when new technology firms - many of whom
provide overlapping products - are propping up everywhere, leading to
confusion among marketers on which to use.