South Park gets scatological

It's amazing. We said `shit,' like, 150 times. You expect some reaction," said South Park co-creator Matt Stone.

But, no, Stone and partner Trey Parker heard no cries of outrage about the first episode of Comedy Central's summer season, in which characters spoke the word 162 times (a little counter kept track). The plot line had the whole country excited that an NYPD Blue-like show was going to use the word for the first time on broadcast network TV. Meanwhile, the cartoon characters are saying it every other sentence.

Comedy Central got four e-mails, all positive.

It may have featured a swear-a-thon, but the episode was elsewhere strangely quiet. Parker and Stone typically work on an episode until just a few hours before airtime, but they were so late with this one that they didn't finish mixing the sound. For example, one scene had police firing guns, but no gunshots. "We missed some sound effects," Stone said. "We've done it a couple of times before." - John Higgins