Sound Investments

AMS Neve

Console manufacturer AMS Neve brings editing and mixing together with its DFC Gemini and CineFile solution. CineFile, the recorder/dubber, is coupled with the DFC Gemini, whose WavTrak feature permits display of audio-track data by channel. WavTrak provides level and dynamics metering, graphical equalizer (EQ) curve, and audio-waveform information on a path-by-path basis for improved signal monitoring.


Electro-Voice offers the RE50N and RE50D handheld mics for stations looking for a shock-mounted, dynamic omnidirectional mic. Both feature the company's DynaDamp shock mount, intended to provide greater ruggedness and isolation. A new neodymium N/DYM magnet structure gives the mic increased sensitivity.


The Euphonix System 5-B digital audio mixer has 96 channels, each with four-band EQ, dynamics and two filters. As many as 240 SnapShot recalls of console settings make it easy to convert the console for different needs. Layouts can also be saved and recalled so the operator can bring sources within reach at the push of a button. Other features include rotary knobsets and multi-format masters. According to Euphonix, that makes work in 5.1 surround sound as easy as work in stereo.


Lectrosonics' 700 series wireless system comprises the UT700 digital wireless hand-held microphone, the UM700 belt-pack transmitter and the UDR700 digital diversity receiver. A dual-envelope limiter with a digital-signal processor at the transmitter handles audio peaks up to 30dB above full modulation. The receiver uses a microprocessor-controlled antenna-combining technique to overcome shortcomings in conventional diversity-receiver designs.


Two new lavaliers are available from Sennheiser. The ME 102/104 is an omnidirectional lavalier (the 104 version has a cardioid mic capsule); it can also have either a right-angled plug, which makes it less sensitive to noise, or a straight plug, which is more durable. The MKE Platinum is only 4.8 millimeters long and weighs only 1 gram.

For wireless applications, Sennheiser offers the G2 series. It has 1,440 channels available to help in crowded RF environments and a 30% reduction in the size of the bodypack transmitters and mobile receivers. A scan function finds available channels; a pilot tone squelch ensures that it can be turned on and off without noise. Five series of G2 products are available for different needs and budgets.


Shure's SM63 has found a place among broadcasters because the omnidirectional hand-held mic has smooth, wide frequency response, which the company says is tailored for optimum speech intelligibility. The mic also has controlled low-frequency rolloff to reduce pickup of stand and wind noise; a built-in humbucking coil makes it virtually immune to strong hum fields, such as those produced by studio lighting. Three different models are available, each using Shure's patented shock-mount system to minimize handling noise.

Solid State Logic

SSL's C100 digital broadcast console is designed for on-air and live-to-tape applications. It can support up to 128 input channels and has two simultaneous 5.1 surround-sound outputs, stereo output, and mono signal paths. It also has 80 mix busses and a scalable-control surface that can accomodate up to 48 fader strips. A touchscreen enables metering of all 80 console outputs for fast access to output parameters.


The Telex ENG-100 UHF wireless mic system is designed for TV and video use. A portable, battery-operated diversity receiver mounts directly to a camera, with a 100-channel frequency-agile system, and a new channel-selection feature handles RF changes. The handheld transmitter operates on two AA batteries and is available with the Telex CE-8 condenser or OM-3 dynamic microphone elements.