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Son of the Beach FX

Viewers 18-34 Men: 168,600

Viewers 18-34 Women: 68,730

Viewers 18-34 All: 237,330

The new original comedy series from FX, Son of the Beach, pokes fun at the Baywatch genre of TV programming. It stars Tim Stack (from Comedy Central's Nightstand), who plays a bumbling but lovable lifeguard named Notch Johnson. Together with his lifeguard unit-a sexy entourage including Leila Arcieri, Lisa Banes, Jaime Bergman, Roland Kickinger, and Kim Oja-Johnson cavorts comically on the shores of Malibu.

The show airs Tuesdays at 10 p.m. (ET). Since its debut in March, the show's average rating is 1.5, according to FX. It ranks 10th among males 18-34 and is produced by Howard Stern Productions. Tim Stack, David Morgasen and James R. Stein created the series.