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Some Insights from TiVo, IRI

TiVo and Information Resources announced the launch of the IRI TiVo Consumer Insights Suite.

The two companies said the suite -- comprised of two new services -- will provide “advertisers and brand marketers with the ability to fully understand the impact digital-video-recorder technology has on consumer viewing patterns and subsequent product sales, as well as the ability to quantify the effectiveness of specific advertising campaigns and brand-recognition programs in TiVo DVR households.”

TiVo and IRI added that they will use second-by-second analysis and track it to actual consumer purchasing decisions.

“The IRI TiVo Consumer Insights Suite provides rich, new consumer insights about TiVo usage and sales impact, along with a world-class testing capability to fully understand how advertising creative is viewed, processed and acted upon in the real world,” TiVo vice president and general manager of audience research and measurement Todd Juenger said in a prepared statement.