SNL Tries Penile Implant

It’s been a while since Saturday Night Live regularly inspired an “I can’t believe they did that!” reaction in viewers, but the March 12 show came pretty close.

Keen observers of a sketch about a celebrity roast of Clint Eastwood might have noticed something peculiar about how the show’s host, David Spade, was made up to look like Owen Wilson.

His nose looked like a penis. Not 'kind of like a penis'; it looked like a urologically-correct appendage, right down to what we believe is called the dorsal vein.

We took a digital photo of the screen image (posted above), and showed it to an NBC spokesman, who said, “I don’t see what you’re seeing,” which made us wonder if we just had a dirty mind. But, no: A source at the show confirms that Spade was indeed fitted with a penile proboscis.

“It was hilarious,” says the source. “Owen Wilson has a bad nose, but not that bad.” Our SNLer was surprised that we had detected what amounted to an inside joke.

Indeed, when viewed on a medium-sized TV, Spade’s customized schnozz is not that obvious. But in this case, size does matter: On the large-screen TV we happened to be watching, it was as plain as the whatever that is on your face.

All of which may help explain why the FCC reports that they have not received any complaints about the sketch. Not even from Owen Wilson, whose publicist declined to comment. Mr. Spade’s rep did not return a request for comment.