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Snell & Wilcox Shows HD “Magic”

HD content creators in the U.S. finally have the ability to properly convert HD material for the U.S. market for the international market as Snell & Wilcox this weekend will take the wraps off of Alchemist Ph.C-HD at IBC in Amsterdam.

HD frame and standards conversion for the international market has often been a tricky process that involved up, down, and cross conversion of not only picture resolution but also frame rate. The HD version of the award-winning Alchemist Ph.C product is designed to ease those challenges.

“This will help broadcasters and others move content and eliminate barriers for international exchange,” says Joe Zaller, Snell & Wilcox VP of marketing.

The standard-definition version of Alchemist Ph.C has been a hit already, becoming one of the industry standards when it comes to conversion products. Motion compensation technology at the heart of the system ensures new frames are added or subtracted with a high picture quality.

The new version, as well as offering high-definition frame-rate conversion for both 1080i and 720p standards, also performs SD standards conversion between 50Hz and 60Hz material and HDTV up-conversion, down-conversion, and cross-conversion.

In addition, the system's architecture provides two outputs that can be used for transmission of program feeds in multiple standards or formats depending on the requirements of the customer.

“Programs like the World Cup and networks like National Geographic and Discovery Channel HD that are being added on European cable systems can all benefit,” says Zaller. “Right now it’s more useful for U.S.-based creators as the U.S. is responsible for most HD production. This will give programs a longer shelf-life and greater value because they can move around the world.”