Snacks, pop top TV spots

In its latest top-10 list of new TV commercials, for the two weeks ending Jan.
19, Intermedia Advertising Group reported that consumers found Hershey's and
Snickers to be the most liked spots.

Commercials for Chips Ahoy Warm `n Chewy cookies, Coca-Cola's new "real" spot
with Courtney Cox and David Arquette and Diet Dr Pepper's "Medieval Knievel"
rounded out the likeability top five, IAG said.

In addition, 7UP's balloon spot, Diet Dr Pepper's "Retirement Village
People," Ford Motor Co.'s Explorer car-wash spot, another Coke "real" spot (with
a belching Penelope Cruz) and Quaker Oats Co.'s Life cereal completed IAG's
most-liked top 10.

On its ad-recall list, UAG reported that a Burlington Coat Factory commercial
scored highest, followed by Pepsi-Cola's Sierra Mist, Breathe Right nasal
strips, 10-10-220's ad featuring Hulk Hogan and Terry Bradshaw, and General
Motors' Saturn Ion passing signs saying "now leaving childhood" and "old age

Two other commercials with star spokesmen cracked the January recall top 10
-- RadioShack Corp. with Shaquille O'Neal touting the chain's "Shaq-cessories" and
Burger King Corp.'s Whopper spot with comic Steve Harvey.