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Sling TV Sees More Starz

Sling TV, Dish Network’s OTT TV service, is broadening its lineup by adding more channels from the Starz’s constellation as well as a library of indie films from Fandor Festival.

Sling TV said its Starz premium service has added Starz  Kids & Family, Starz Edge, Starz Comedy and Starz West while keeping the price at $9 per month. Sling TV also offers HBO for $15 per month and Cinemax for $10 per month.

Sling TV has also added Fandor Festival, a service that adds 300 titles, including indie films and documentaries, to its $5 per month Hollywood Extra add-on package for Sling TV’s baseline Orange and Sling Blue services.

Sling TV is also giving Orange and Blue subs a taste of Fandor Festival by providing access to five movies per month from Fandor at no additional cost.